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With complexity, opportunity and competition all growing daily on PPC platforms, too many merchants in the UK are left in the waiting room for the big breakthrough. For many, it will never come.

Our objective is to bring your performance to even greater heights with incomparable PPC automation software and services. As thought leaders with more than a decade of experience with accounts of all shapes and sizes paired with different goals and verticals, we share our know-how in optimising your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

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Cas Paton

Founder and Managing Director

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“Whoop! is a great product, a marketing feat! The solution has changed our whole approach to PPC, allowing us to work at a granular and intelligent level, to maximise ROAS and focus on ROI. We're in the Whoop! fan club!”

5 reasons why smec is the right choice for UK retailers

1. Performance Edge

Delivering performance at every level is what you can expect from us, our unmatched products and outstanding service.

2. Integrity and Transparency

Led by data but driven by passion, we pay attention to the details of your accounts and assure that you remain in full control.

3. Growth

Aligning with your needs and seeing the bigger picture are our core pillars. This allows us to identify your growth opportunities.

4. Curated
Service Design

Your business is not like any other. Therefore, we create a service design specifically tailored to your needs to move forward with total confidence.

5. Unshakeable Trust

When you work with us, we form a team built on trust, mutual respect and common goals.

Reach your customers along every step of their journey

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Next-level performance: our solutions & services

Operating in the Google Shopping world obliges you to find smart strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. Bidding at item level coupled with query sculpting is the approach to take to reach your full potential. Here’s where Whoop! steps in: Specialised in Google Ads and using a predictive algorithm, our tool allows you to set individual, KPI-driven bids for your entire assortment and, thus, pushes your performance to the next level.

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Fully automated, inventory-driven search campaign management: Developed for large, complex Google Ads accounts, the AdEngine creates & adapts text ads, keywords, and ad extensions. Thanks to cyclical synchronisation with Google, your ads are always up to date. Customisable business rules ensure the highest relevance for your customers and uniqueness on the search engine result page.

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The era of CSS has commenced and so has smec Shopping with all the benefits that come along with it. When using smec Shopping, you are more efficient in managing your Shopping campaigns, gain extraordinary flexibility and on top of that reach your clients throughout Europe. It’s THE comparison shopping site that equips you to face the future of online shopping.

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Best-in-class services — a unique SaaS+ approach

PPC Management for Google/Microsoft Ads
Display/YouTube Ads
Programmatic Advertising


Exploit your full market potential – with unmatched products & services

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“Whoop!’s advanced bidding strategies (ABS) has made it much easier for us to group better performing brands or products by margin, ROAS, and/or sales. We are able to target much better than a blanket bid across all brands or products.”

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Marco Criscuolo

Head of Customer Acquisition

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“Whoop!'s advanced bidding strategies (ABS) made it easier for us to group our products by margins, thus giving us greater flexibility over our bidding approach and helping us to adopt a much more targeted methodology for achieving our ROAS goals.”
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Rachel Dinneen

Ecommerce Marketing Manager
Robert Dyas

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“We are really pleased with the performance across our accounts — especially the UK market. With its ability to set advanced bid strategies, Whoop! has assisted to deliver 37% more conversions and a 34% higher revenue (YoY) during the first 6 weeks of using the platform.”
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Sneha Stanway

Paid Search Manager
Mountain Warehouse Ltd


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About us

Smarter Ecommerce

Smarter Ecommerce (smec) is a SaaS+ company committed to delivering propulsive, best-in-class software solutions custom-tailored to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Our approach is to leverage the balance of machine and human brainpower in order to maximise KPI-driven results while minimising tedious and iterative taskwork.

Founded in Austria in 2007 and now also based in London, we are able to respond even better to our clients’ needs. Hence, we keep our promise of delivering high quality products and customer support throughout different markets and across countries.

Together with our clients and the long-term partnerships we build, we do not only shape the prevalent PPC industry; we shape the future of PPC automation.

Award-Winning Results

To prove that you’re in good hands when working with us, we want to be transparent about the quality we promise by providing evidence of our proficiency. Our goal is to offer you state-of-the-art expertise and adapt quickly to Google’s regulations to guarantee your success.
Google Premier Partner Award 2018 Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards 2019 Finalist SEMY Award

smec company history illustration
smec company history illustration
smec Founded in 2007 in Linz
Jan Radanitsch and Christian Gorbach founded smec with am ambitious idea for PPC automation in mind.
2008 First smecies hired
The first software developers and sales people were hired to transform the first ideas into products.
2009 First code lines of the AdEngine
Our first PPC software solution AdEngine, our tool for automated text ad generation, was born.
2010-2015 Steady growth, relocation to bigger offices
More clients meant steady growth and more people – and the need for a bigger office in the center of Linz.
2015 Whoop! Release
The first predictive bid management solution for Google Shopping – Whoop! – was officially released.
2016 UK Country manager hired
We entered international markets and hired our first UK Country Manager who is now based in our UK office.
2016-2017 Hypergrowth
As Whoop! gained traction on a global scale, smec’s employee count doubled within a year.
2017 The first Great Day for PPC Automation
The first Great Day united more than 300 international online marketers and ecommerce enthusiasts in Linz.
2018 Step into CSS
Faced with the challenge to stay ahead of the PPC game, we created our very own CSS within only 4 weeks.
2019 London office
Undeterred by a looming Brexit deadline, we decided to open an office in London in October 2019.

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